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Medithics - Urology Department

Urology involves study and treatment of ailments of the urinary system, comprising of organs like the urethra, ureters, kidneys, bladder, prostate, adrenal glands, etc. by experienced urologists. Urologists in Kolkata are also known to treat men's reproductive health issues.

Pain caused by ureteral stone calls upon, a medical specialist who can be relied upon for ureteral stone treatment, or for kidney stone removal, a kidney stone specialist in Kolkata, capable of performing kidney micro surgery. For symptoms and conditions hinting at cancer, the search for Uro Oncologist in Kolkata intensifies.

Uro Oncologist in Kolkata or prostate cancer doctor In Kolkata, carry out certain surgical procedures, may be to remove a part of a kidney ortumor or particular urinary organ in case of cancer.

Medithics has an experienced team of urologist doctor in Kolkata, and nephrologists for treatment of complex urology related problems, including pediatric urologist in Kolkata.

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