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Regular appointments can be scheduled through Medithics website, apart from normal calls. Social media, Telemedicine, discussion forum play a crucial role in reaching out to the patients who seek the urologist, nephrologist, cardiologist’s expertise but cannot reach them easily.

Medithics is one of the most sought after super specialty clinics for urology, nephrology, cardiology in Kolkata, providing quality healthcare solutions in almost every aspect of human biology. It is known for kidney micro surgery in Kolkata and laser prostate surgery in Kolkata, also for pacemaker doctor in Kolkata and angiography in Kolkata. It is specialized clinic, well equipped to conduct specialized tests in these fields of medicine.

Establishment of Medithics as a super speciality clinic was done with careful planning and was made possible by top urologist in Kolkata and a heart specialist in Kolkata, and other specialists who amalgamated their vast medical experience to ensure that commoners get the best of their experience. They were joined by other medical experts like Nephrologists, Gastroenterologists, Neurologist, Gynecologists, Obstetricians, Pediatricians, ENT specialists, Orthopedist, etc. with the aim to bring affordable, multi-specialty healthcare to every home.

This is propagated by using modern communication technologies like audio and video chat etc. Here a patient can get an expert opinion and subsequent consultation for health problems using Telemedicine.

Confidentiality is one core aspects of doctor patient relationships. All patient’s data and medical history is kept utmost confidential, except for where there is mandate.

After care and rehabilitation plays an important part of the doctor’s full course of treatment. Staff at Medithics maintain responsible attitude towards cleanliness & containment by following protocols, and ensuring ease of the patients.

Medithics is an ISO certified facility in healthcare which signifies it provides quality standard healthcare services to its customers and maintains uniformity of objectives and methodologies for treatment & morale through shared and well-communicated objectives and conducts regular audits of various kinds.

Medithics aspires to create a self-sustainable healthcare ecosystem in India, which encourages best medical practices & its propagation to reach & benefit the common man and across various strata of society.

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