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Medithics organizes multiple types of Health Camps.

Some cater to the need of free health check-up and while others are for creating awareness.

Our team of experienced and qualified doctors contribute to the successful organization of these Medical Camps.

People who are reluctant to visit the clinics regularly for health check-ups are benefitted to a large extent from these camps.

Also the awareness could be created that our health related issues should be kept under control from the very beginning so that they do not turn up to be a chronic problem.

Women's Day Special Camp

This year a medical camp was organized on Women’s Day.

The purpose of this camp was to create awareness among women that they might be suffering from underlying medical conditions so they need regular health check-ups. Also regular check-ups can act as a preventive measure to many diseases.

There was a huge response from the local people, and our team of doctors had a great satisfaction that they could share their knowledge for the well-being of others.

Blood Donation Camp 2018

We have also organized blood donation camps in 2018.

Sometimes it happens that there is a huge crisis of blood in all the blood banks. So to cope up with this situation blood donation camps should be organized at regular intervals. When Medithics arranged for such camps we had immense response from the people residing in the surrounding areas. All have come forward for this common cause. We acknowledge their participation.

World Heart Day 2018

Heart health is the most important aspect for any of us. Keeping in mind this fact, we have organized a discussion on heart health on World Heart Day. The topic of discussion was how to keep our heart free from diseases in today’s stressful environment. The objective was to provide information on how diet, regular exercises and few small disciplines can keep us far from heart ailments.

Agartala Camp

Similar Medical Camps covering multiple health issues were organized in Agartala and Survey Park. People could benefit themselves from these camps by getting their basic health check- up done. We appreciate the encouragement shown from the localites. Free medicines were also distributed among the needy.

Survey Park Camp

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